Sunday, March 21, 2010

Case manager Karisha shows a bathroom modification

Can you detect all the changes?

This is an example of what a bathroom modification would look like to meet a clients needs. This is a typical modification for a client that is frail. I switched out the tub for a roll in shower, rearranged the sink and widened the doorway to accommodate the walker currently using and wheelchair in the future. Also, non slip floors were added and grab bars on the toilet. Each house is unique and usually does not have a lot of space to work with. Also, each clients need is unique. One client may not be able to use their left arm and will need extra grab bars that would be used by their right arm only.
Another example would be someone who is a total assist (can not use a their arms or legs to use a bathroom) and so they would never use a grab bar but would utilize a ceiling lift.
As I said before the modifications are my favorite part of my job. The design is based on the clients needs so your gerontological knowledge comes in real handy. The products are endless but the budget is not so you have to be thrifty in reusing supplies if you can and picking out products that stick to the budget.

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