Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to do an eligibility screening- Case Manager- Karisha

When a case manager goes into the home (after receiving a referral and on all visits) they are checking to see if the client is still eligible. A lot of what you learn in your biology, sociology and psychology classes comes in handy for your assessment of the client. Going through the gerontology program allows you to analyze the client on a different level than someone with out your extensive background.
Here is an Eligibility Screen check list:
• Reason for visit
• Travel

What the client says
Ex: I have been fine and do my own bathing and meal preparation

O – OBJECTIVEWhat you see (appearance, cleanliness, visually, smell…)
Ex: The client does not look like she has bathed in weeks, there is food on her clothes and the countertops and tables are cluttered with paper, food and bills.

Ex: The client is in a wheelchair and can not bend to clean the kitchen floor

P – PLANWhat the case manger is going to do about it
Ex: The case manager may suggest homemaker, personal attendant and bill payer assistance

Back up Plan – 911

• Call Provider and check PA hours
• Call Provider and have them fax 485 orders for their PA
• Call Provider and check number of hours being provided

Here is an example of how you will be thinking

87 year old, female diagnosed with

Provide case management to monitor and assess ongoing services
Care being provided
Ex: continue respite care for 12 hrs for ______

To keep client at home in a safe and feasible home environment and as independent as possible

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