Monday, March 22, 2010

What to do when ? Case Manager- Karisha

I spend my day either visiting clients in their homes or at my desk typing up the notes about the visit.

This is the process in how the clients obtain services and keep them updated.

1. Referral from client
(call in or in person)
2. Referral directed to Supervisor
(depending on the service projected to receive)
3. Case manager is assigned referral

Client’s needs are going to determine the steps to follow first
A. Referral – stay in home transition- NH, hospital to bring home

B. On Medicaid Not on Medicaid

1. Phone: Call client to see if they are interested in services
2. Home visit
a. Assessment
b. Eligibility Screen (Will post details later)
c. Application (Medicaid)
d. Application for LTC services Check list of client needs
e. Doctors certification 450B
3. Provider list (client chooses who they want to provide them with the services they need )

Follow up with Client:
1. Quarterly
2. 60 day Assessment
3. Quarterly
4. Annual (reassessment)

That is the basics of how the case manager and the client work together. We see each other every 90 days. I have around 60 clients right now so I go on at least 5-10 home visits a week and then do extensive write-ups to the state to justify that they still quality for services.
Obviously, the home visits are my favorite part vs. the documentation.

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