Saturday, March 13, 2010

What are Case Management Responsibilties? Karisha

So what exactly what do I do? Well here is a list of the responsibilities I have.

Case Management Responsibilities:

A. Assessing individual and determining need for service
B. Identifying all sources of funding services and supports
C. Developing Plan of Care
D. Ensuring use of Person Centered Planning
E. Reviewing and explaining to client services that will be provided
F. Supervising implementation of services for the client
G. Advocating on behalf of the clients’ interests
H. Monitoring the quality of HCBS and ensuring that POC objectives are being met
I. Determining cost effectiveness
J. Reassessing POC to determine need for continuation or termination of services
K. Performing record keeping and data collection activities
L. Ensuring confidentiality of individual information
M. Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards
N. Reporting unusual occurrences or incidents

I will post later with examples how I do my job and how these responsibilities guide me.
Note: Some states require you to have a social work degree to be a case manager.

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